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One of the most important items people keep on their phone is pictures, lots of them. Google created the “Google Photos” application to address this.

Google Photos is an application that automatically backs up any photos on the device as soon as you connect to Wifi. The free version includes unlimited photo and video backup in “High Quality” mode. (High quality meaning that it is not full quality and it will compress the image slightly.) This should be fine for most users. 

If you need to keep full quality versions of your photos (typically for doing Photoshop or similar things), Google will back them up while using your Google Drive storage. Google Drive offers 15GB free and then has different tiers available for more storage. Once backed up, your pictures can be viewed and downloaded across any computer, tablet, or phone that can connect to your Google account. Further, if you are running short of space, Photos will offer to delete those photos which have already been backed up, allowing your phone’s operating system some breathing room.

Google Photos is included by default with all versions of Android 5.0 and later and is available on the App Store for iOS users. Setting it up is as simple as opening it up, selecting your Google account and letting it do it’s thing. Remember, it does not work unless you set it up.

-Josh Sutinen 2017 Sutinen Consulting


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