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For this week’s blog post, I thought I would take the opportunity to speak about one of the world’s handiest Gmail extensions, Boomerang. Boomerang is a browser extension for Chrome that gives you the ability to snooze, schedule, and return, or Boomerang, emails as need.

I use Boomerang to keep a handle on my inbox. After deleting or archiving unimportant emails every morning, I then start working down the list of all of the remaining emails and snooze those which do not require my immediate attention to either the time that is needed or when it works better for me to tackle them.

    "I use Boomerang to keep a handle on my inbox." - Josh

Subsequently, when sending emails, I often make use of both the scheduled sending and the return email (Boomerang) functions. I often schedule emails for the following morning that might otherwise be sent late at night. Further, if I have an email that requires a response, I set the email to Boomerang if I do not receive a response from the recipient within a certain amount of time.

Boomerang has several levels of service, starting with their free level and going up from there. Their free level includes 10 message credits per month, which should be great for standard use, and the other tier are unlimited with additional perks. Boomerang can be downloaded from, and it requires use of the Chrome Browser.

-Josh Sutinen
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