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Meet the Team

Tim is the KING of geeks, and business. Not only does Tim enjoy and excel at the technical aspects of computing, he understands better than anyone the technological needs of businesses (both large and small). He is a network/systems analyst, and a live "geek-speak" to human translator.

Lauri Nevala

Consulting General Manager

If you have a problem no one else can fix, Lauri is your guy. Lauri has extensive experience with Active Directory, Open Directory, and MS Exchange. He is also fluent in Mac, Linux, and Windows workstation and server support. Lauri is the head of our operation and the go to guy for “Strange” issues.

Micah Robichaux

Consulting Manager  Network Analyst

Micah lives and breathes Research and Development. He is an expert with Mac, Windows and Linux. He can find a solution to anything, even if he has to invent it. Micah can program in Java, Python, and PHP, and script in Bash, Perl, VBS and Powershell. Micah specializes in Network Protocols, SAN environments, and Virtualization, and has extensive experience with Active Directory, and Open Directory.

Rebecca Neal


Rebecca is our "task master", and keeps everything running like a well oiled machine, and provides top notch customer support. Rebecca enjoys life in the country with her family and petting zoo. She enjoys cooking, gardening, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and exploring sustainable practices to keep her family, community and nature healthy. She’s a proud Air Force veteran.

Kristina Jurvakainen


Having Kris on the team is a big plus. She's a spreadsheet wiz and a cheerful number cruncher who also crosses the 'i's and dots the 't's. Kris loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Josh is a great conversationalist and has enough computer knowledge to be dangerous. He manages our Store front counter, and retail operations. When not at work, He is often found talking to friends about the dangers of 'fiat currency'.

Bill Heston

PC Technician

Bill really knows his stuff, and we are glad to have him as part of the team! Bill is calm, cool, and collected, and can fix your problems before you even knew you had them!

Emory loves optimization and getting rid of junk. He specializes in virus cleanups, tuneups, and subtle jokes. His other talents include counting coins and singing in the choir.

Jonathan Johnson

Network Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Lord of Windows

    Jon puts the “Win” in “Windows”. He has been using Windows and Linux since the dawn of time. Jon is an Exchange master. Whether you need to set up an email account or take over the world, Jon can help you do it. Jon lives in the country on his farm.

    David Koski

    Network Analyst

    David knows more about Linux than the people who developed it. He can program in many languages including Bash, Perl, and PHP. He has crazy amounts of knowledge in network, DNS, storage, and Virtualization administration, and is a firewalling and subnetting master.

    Patrick Fitzgerald

    Network Analyst

    Patrick is an expert at customer relations, and getting the job done quick. He knows that your time is valuable, and he doesn't intend to waste it. Pat is well versed in Windows and Mac computers, and has seen pretty much everything.

    Mary Sutinen

    Book Keeping

    Mary is the master inventory tracker and assistant number cruncher. She is quiet and thoughtful, which gives her time to plot her next move. There isn’t a board game you can beat Mary at. Believe it, because we’ve tried.

    Aaron Sutinen

    Advertisement Specialist

    Aaron loves people, which makes him the perfect person to be our head of Advetisement! Look for him outside our 30th Ave location waving our sign! Aaron can make anyone smile, and in his free time, can be found mastering the game 'Papa's Freezeria'.

    Do you fit these qualifications? We'd love to meet you and see if you fit our group as well. Send a resume to Rebecca and we hope to see you soon!